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The Honnold Foundation was founded by professional rock climber Alex Honnold in 2012. At the time, Alex was living in his car (a Ford Econoline van, retrofitted with a bed and storage), climbing all over the United States and, increasingly, the world. After expeditions to Chad and Borneo, he returned home and spent hours hunched over his laptop, researching carbon offsets, environmental activism, energy access, and charitable giving.

In the end, Alex decided to focus his giving on solar energy because it’s so tangible, and so universally effective. Solar energy can bring light to a single family in Malawi as a lantern, or transform the resilience and sustainability of an entire city at utility scale. The Honnold Foundation does most of our work somewhere in between— supporting community scale projects that increase climate resilience, bolster social and economic equity, reduce environmental impact, and improve peoples’ lives.