Reed Wasser - Wim Hof Method

Reed Joseph Wasser has studied and taught various approaches to meditation, yoga, movement, and general health optimization since 1998. Over the years, he has studied with teachers from Eastern and Western esoteric traditions and lectured on various subjects related to the spirit-mind-body model. For the past ten years, Reed has been dedicated to the Brazilian ritual combat game of Capoeira and holds the title of Instructor in his lineage. He currently teaches Capoeira, movement, and meditation in Seattle, WA, and Long Beach, CA. In 2018 Reed enrolled in the Wim Hof Academy so that he can share what he’s learning with his community. In October 2018 he received his Level 1 Instructor Certification from the Wim Hof Academy. In April 2020 he received his Level 2 Instructor Certification. In Reed’s workshops, you can expect to hear about the science behind the Wim Hof Method in a casual lecture format. He emphasizes the use of Wim Hof’s third-eye meditation after the WHM breathing rounds in his workshops and strongly encourages people to remember to take time to meditate in their daily practice.

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